Book Club

The Beauty of Book Clubs

What Could Be Better than Friends, Food and Fun?

Choose Simply Salsa – a book that will keep you talking, leave you pondering and smiling at the colorful stories all framed in God’s Word.

Simply Salsa: Dancing Without Fear at God’s Fiesta is the perfect choice when you want your heart to dance to the melody of God’s Word, to the beat of His promises and the rhythm of His grace.

The plan for your book club is simple:

    • Establish your group

    • Choose the place—in church, at home, a library, Starbucks, etc.

    • Choose a 10-week session (one for each of the 10 chapters in Simply Salsa).

    • Members read only one chapter per week.

Suggested questions for each chapter:

√ What is the theme of the chapter?

√ What is the issue to be resolved?

√ What emotions are stirred because of the trouble?

√ What mistakes, poor decisions, wrong paths were taken in this situation?

√ What would you have done?

√ How could this have been avoided?

√ Give an example from your own life that resembles this situation.

√ How did God resolve the situation in Simply Salsa?

√ Dd God resolve your situation differently? If so, how?

√ Which of God’s attributes were shown in this chapter?

√ What is the most important insight you learned?

√ How can you apply this message to your own life?

On the 10th week, Janet will spend time with you through speakerphone or Skype. She will answer questions, give you added insight, receive your comments and even sway to the salsa tune you’ll have playing in the background.

Let Janet know the date by contacting her at: