Meet Janet

What we all want…

I learned something pretty amazing. All of us, without exception want to live with meaning, significance and purpose. But while in that “wanting” mode, insecurities barge in, fear creeps up, and stress never wants to leave.


How do I know?

I was there. AT 31 a retinal disease robbed my sight. I clutch my fist at God. “Why me?”


He didn’t answer. And when life seemed darkest of all, He did a beautiful thing. He opened my spiritual eyes to see what I still had—my hearing, my ability to walk, to love and to serve Him. 

Overcoming tragedy…

As you might have read in my books or stories published in hundreds of magazines. Blindness was only the beginning of the encounter with adversity. Years after, I endured the murder of my son and the acquittal of the man responsible. But rather than living in a mess of misery with bitterness, sorrow and anger, I learned the secret to freedom. Freedom to claim a life of success, triumph and joy.

The reason…

Why do I include this episode in my writing and speaking? Because you might have a similar pain and need to triumph. Without taking this step, success, true success will not come. And my job, actually my privilege is to help you reach that victory. 

The Promise:

I embraced God’s promise in Matthew 6:33: “Seek first the Kingdome of god and His righteousness. And  all these things shall be added unto you.” I gripped the white cane of faith and sought Him with all my soul. In turn, He fulfilled His promise:


He opened doors I never, ever dreamed. First, the new confidence found in His Word gave me the security and courage to pursue a career as a Spanish interpreter. And fueled by passion to overcome, I became the first certified blind court Spanish interpreter in Florida. Imagine my happiness when I received the assignation of “Master Interpreter” issued to me because I successfully completed 10,000 hours of over-the-phone interpretation. 

The insight…

My speaking career began with this insight: Like sun and water to flowers, powerful motivation blossoms into personal victory, reflecting professional excellence. So motivation and inspiration became my mission for life.

The tools…

God also put before me a computer with software that reads the screen to me. How cool is that! I can hear what I’m typing right now as I compose this for you. 

And using this tool, I can navigate through applications, reply to your emails, and create blogs and magazine articles. To date, 23 of my stories appear in the Chicken Soup for the Soul best-selling titles as well as Guidepost Magazine, fifteen  anthologies and  my own books.


The success of Simply Salsa knocked my Latina socks off. As I watched it climb to #1 on Amazon, first I sat stunned, then a squeal came out, then gratitude to God flooded my soul. Once again, I think that was God’s way of saying, “Chica, didn’t I tell you all these things will be added on to you?” (Matthew 6:33).

Sightless, yet sassy enough to travel…

When my fingers aren’t dancing on the keyboard, I’m packing my suitcase and heading across the U.S. and other countries. What privilege to address corporate and faith-based groups. My trips to speaking engagements from Puerto Rico, Mexico to the Philippines add to my joy that overflows as I touch and empower my audiences.

Coaching you to success, inspiring you through radio…

I receive God’s grace to continue my work as Life Coach. And I lean on Him to conduct my radio show, Sweet Talk with Janet and Heather. Heather and I impart insights from God’s Word, from real life episodes and insights we gathered. We broadcast inspiration and encouragement to our listeners every third Tuesday of the month on

On the other side…

And it’s also rewarding to be on the other side of the microphone as a guest on other radio and TV programs:

And who would think, but in addition, dozens of articles about my life have appeared in local, regional and national publications—from the Orlando Sentinel to the New York Times. And blushing a bit, deep inside I was quite happy when my picture was featured on the cover of Hispanic Woman Magazine.

Blind dancer

I’m that too! I love to Salsa, to eat gourmet food, sail on cruise ships, and play on the floor with my two grandchildren. I delight in hugging Gene, my hubby of 38 years. And I find joy in the fact that my Mom and Dad, 85 and 87 respectively, live with us. And they’re healthy and still pretty peppy.

My Passion to serve you…

I dedicate my life, give it my all and refuel my passion each time I inspire you to see beyond your circumstances. To walk with you step by step so you can see what doors you haven’t opened yet. And reveal the success that awaits you.

Your reaction to my work…

“My delight explodes when I hear my clients, audiences and readers say, “If you can do it, I know I can too.”

The outcome …

*Addressing Christian groups to show a real-life example of God’s power to restore is life-changing.
*Imparting practical steps to succeed against all odds in the business world is transforming
*Teaching youth groups that fear and adversity are not our enemies…they’re steps to strengthen our tenacity is what young people are hungry for.
*Individual coaching to reach success is powerfully effective.
*My books will accompany you during moments of pain to emotionally hug you and show the path to victory and freedom.

What immense gratitude dances in my heart knowing that I had the privilege of making the above happen?

So, to you…thank you for making my dreams a reality

Humbled by Awards:

*Professional Excellence Award
*Latina Women Who Make a Difference award
*Finalist for the Don Quijote Award

Just in case you want to know, I’m a member of:

  • Christian Chamber of Commerce of Orlando
  • Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • AWSA (Advanced Writers and Speakers Association)
  • CAN (Christian Authors Network)
  • Word Weavers of Central Florida
  • John 3:16 Christian Marketing Group
  • CLASS graduate (Christian Leaders, Authors, Speakers Services)
  • “She Speaks” graduate – Proverbs 31 Ministries
  • Board member: Disability Media, Inc.
  • The Writer’s View (online group)
  • Toastmasters CTM

Contact me: 407 855 1565