What is the impact?

Audiences are delighted and inspired by Janet’s Christ-filled presentations. With stories drawn from her #1 bestselling book and from her own real-life example of a life restored, God’s Word comes alive, hearts are moved, and a passion is ignited to also triumph over adversity.

What gives her credibility?

Her own first-hand experience from trials to triumph: She weaves riveting details of Christ’s victory over blindness, infidelity, the murder of her youngest son and the acquittal of the man responsible.

What sets Janet apart?

Because of her unique finesse to weave tragedy, triumph, God’s Word, passion and a touch of humor, Janet has been described as dynamic, electrifying, humorous, captivating, passionate, impacting and life-changing.

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What message lingers?

As Thelma Wells, former Women of Faith speaker said, “Janet leaves the listener with hope, inspiration, and encouragement so they can make it through any circumstance.”

How do her audiences react?

As Janet details the triumphant steps, she evokes in her audiences a sweet blend of tears and laughter. Her story-telling gift captivates as she weaves God’s Word to paint a portrait of His power to restore hope, to rekindle joy, conquer fear and thrive in freedom.

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This message can be tailored to delight any group:

For Outreach Events

Presentation title: God is Greater Than Your Pain

Audiences often attend with heavy hearts, hurting, wounded, filled with self-pity, searching for answers and sometimes, doubting God’s presence.

Using God’s Word, Janet’s riveting illustrations stir the hearts of those carrying cynicism. She engages those who resent God’s ways; and those with hardened hearts are moved.

Evoking laughter and tears, Janet’s storytelling gift shines as she details episodes from her own life to illustrate how God transforms tragedy into triumph, exchanges pain for peace and brings lasting comfort for any crisis.

For Mother’s Day Events

Presentation title: Not Perfect, but Perfectly Guided by God

Moms who attend sometimes have a burdened heart and often have feelings of inadequacy. Some may fear for their children’s future and doubt their own mothering skills.

Janet details her mothering as a blind mom of three small sons. She evokes laughter, provides insight, and points to Christ as the source for wisdom, confidence, and creativity.

Moms walk away equipped, confident, inspired and empowered. With a renewed trust in God’s promises to sustain them, they will see their limitations, not as weaknesses, but as tools to teach perseverance and strength to their children.

For Congregations

Presentation title: The Purpose for My Pain

Even seasoned Christians who attend are often overwhelmed with stress, burdened with responsibilities and encounter disappointments and challenges.

Blended with powerful Bible verses, Janet weaves her own story. She details examples from the Bible. And, with an engaging style, she recounts illustrations of Christians today to highlight what it means to be a leader in tough times–triumphing over disappointment and relishing true contentment.

For women’s Retreats

Presentation title (given in two talks): Spa for the Soul

Women who attend are often drained, overwhelmed by life, tense because of the endless tasks, and anxious about their own success as a Mom, wife, friend or church member.

Janet’s lively, fun and often humorous presentations ignite renewed passion to cleanse the soul.

Through her blindness, she teaches how to see the best of life. Through her own tragedy, she shows a complete makeover of hearts through Christ’s power to restore and heal. And using her own experience, she shows how to obtain the freedom that glows when we perfume our heart with forgiveness.

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