Igniting Your Passion to Overcome

Although physically blind, Janet Perez Eckles has been teaching thousands to see the best of life. After losing her sight at 31, suffering the murder of her youngest son along with the acquittal of the accused, God empowered Janet to share a message of love, forgiveness, restoration, redemption, and hope with the world. God’s calling sparked Janet’s passion to help others overcome their own struggles. Without sight, but with insight, her inspiration fills the pages of her four books and keynote presentations. And at every local, regional, national or international event, Janet’s lively style captivates audiences as this inspiration dances into their hearts. Whether her messages are delivered Spanish or English, they have been called “transformational.” [Read more >>>]

Turning Obstacles into Triumph and Success #1 Bestselling author, international speaker, radio host and personal success coach… Janet Perez Eckles can guide you to also become #1 in turning obstacles into triumph and success. [Read More >>>]

I’m dancing with joy, dear friend. I’m celebrating your decision to be set apart. To be different from those who want to reach higher heights, but take no action. I applaud your tenacity. You clicked to this page because you want to peek at the path that takes you to the abundance of life. To reach that place of significance. And find the peace others talk about. From your home and me from my office, we join via telephone to begin the journey. We work together.And as we do, you’ll find success isn’t at all what the world tells you. God’s success has a different sound, a richer calling, an easier path and a lovelier outcome. [Read More >>>]

Janet Speaks Light into Lives Surrounded by Darkness

Janet has mastered the skill to blend Scripture, riveting stories, practical steps and refreshing humor to evoke laughter and tears in her audiences. Those who attend her events in church organizations, women’s conferences or retreats take away tools to empower them, bring back joy, find peace and live triumphantly no matter what they face. [Read More >>>]

Overcoming obstacles, conquering fear, and developing courage to reach success has been Janet’s most popular message request. She relates her own experience in defying all odds in reaching professional success. The fascinating details are nestled in Janet’s lively presentations that are delivered with her captivating style. [Read More >>>]