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#1 Bestselling author and international speaker, radio host, and personal success coach… guiding you to also become #1 in turning obstacles into triumph and success.

“Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matt. 6:33

Delighted you’re here!

Because your eyes are on my cyberhome, I’m about to dance the salsa of gratitude! You landed here by accident? Or you’re looking for a touch of inspiration? Or maybe you want to present a killer event to dazzle your group?

Whatever the reason, I’m delighted to share these moments with you. Your time is valuable. So here we go:

Defying all odds…

First, I confess, I’ve been called lots of things: a committed Christian, passionate Latina, motivational speaker, an excuse eraser, an inspiration, radio host, life coach, master interpreter and best-selling author.

But you know what I call myself? A blind, sort of bold chica who trusted in God for triumph.

Your success…

My passion is to see you succeed. Since God lifted me from the darkest valleys to the highest mountains, no matter what you’re facing, I’ll show you how to follow the same path.

Why is all this important?

Because without personal victory, your professional success is blocked, your motivation stops and your passion dies.

I use my decades of experience to help you avoid that. My presentations prove to you that the difficulties you face don’t have to stop you. You’ll discover they’re not obstacles at all. Instead, they are the very tools to sharpen your tenacity. They in turn, become the stepping stones to the success that’s just around the corner.

A lasting impact…

Let’s talk about you. You might be the leader of a group, a meeting planner, a women’s ministry leader or a corporate executive, you want powerful results—an impact that won’t fade after the event. We both have the same goal. My Latina flair dances in me as I address your group, igniting in them a passion to overcome and take away an imprint of lasting empowerment.

What’s unique about my presentations?

Folks walk away with the conviction that there is no mountain too high to climb, no obstacles too difficult to remove and no fear too deep to conquer.

“Your talk at DisneyWorld a few months ago changed me. You made us laugh, cry, but totally moved us. I applied what you shared. And now I have a new attitude. I don’t get hung up in my insecurities anymore. Things are beginning to happen. And I can see success like never before. Thank you! Thank you!”—M. Rodriguez


Crazy, I know, but being blind I still love videos. Here is one of my brief interviews on Fox News affiliate: http://youtu.be/EwA7_YiKQDA

~And here’s another two-minute video produced by Telemundo: http://bit.ly/1a8wGJR

~This one is from the 700 Club for the Latina audience: http://youtu.be/RffGbAkWbUc

While you’re here, take one moment to relax. Grab a cup of tea, snuggle in a soft chair and enjoy other videos, including the “Cooking in the Dark” segments, interviews, insights and topics I speak on, pretty cool testimonials…and if you feel like a little more inspiration, check out the excerpt from my #1 best-selling Simply Salsa: Dancing Without Fear at God’s Fiesta.

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