Janet’s dynamic presentations will delight, inspire and ignite in your group a passion to conquer obstacles, triumph over fear and soar to success.

Janet shared the stage with John Maxwell, #1 New York Times bestselling and world-famous motivational speaker, and also with Darren Hardy, Publisher of SUCCESS magazine and New York Times best-selling author.

Although blind, Janet helps thousands see the best of life. She captivates audiences with details of her own success as an award-winning Spanish interpreter, international speaker and #1 bestselling author. Her enthralling presentations illustrate how to turn our weaknesses to strengths, setbacks to opportunities, and challenges to tenacity.

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For Sales Groups
Presentation title: The Reality of Rejection

Attendees often come with hearts of discouragement, their passion has withered because of rejection. Overwhelmed with life’s pressures, their tasks seem daunting.

Janet’s lively recount of her triumph over seemingly insurmountable obstacles ignites in her audiences a passion to overcome. She demonstrates how rejection, an inevitable step to success, can sharpen needed tenacity.

Attendees walk away with a renewed view of setbacks and with a passion to tackle obstacles. They are equipped with a fresh desire to triumph.

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Professional Workshops
Presentation title: Putting Passion to Action

Attendees often feel overwhelmed with information, intensive training, and demanding tasks.

Janet’s passionate presentation lightens the mood with riveting stories, a bit of sass and a touch of humor. She brings a fresh perspective and engages the audience with practical steps to blend emotions, goals, priorities, and a positive mindset.

Attendees walk away with the secret to reorganize priorities that will set them free from worry and stress. Certain there is no difficulty they cannot overcome, they are enlightened and invigorated.

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Presentation title: From Mediocrity to Excellence

Those who attend may find the journey to excellence difficult because of barriers—the economy, personal trials, uncertainty of tomorrow or discouragement.

Janet’s uniquely captivating message stirs hearts. The detail she describes demonstrates that even blindness cannot keep one from reaching the top. Her own journey to success by defying all odds illustrates that no limitations, shortcomings or setbacks can keep one from reaching goals and dreams.

Attendees walk away certain that excellence is not only possible but doable in spite of any barrier. They carry in their hearts the understanding that life is not about situations out of their control. Success comes when they recognize what they can do with what God has given them.

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  • Conquering fear.

  •  Triumphing over heartache.

  •  Overcoming obstacles.

  •  Reaching success.

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